Cheesecake TartHi, I’m Laura! Thank you so much for visiting my little corner of the Internet. 🙂 Come in, sit down, and have a bite…

A little about Noon Café:

Noon Café is about celebrating with healthy dishes that are festive and creative (and sometimes even a little adventurous!) combined with thoughtful touches and decorations. Whether it’s a holiday or a regular Tuesday, I try to find a reason to celebrate what is around me. 🙂 I love to cook for special occasions, of course, but I also enjoy making recipes that are inspired by everyday things. If I am enjoying a good book, I will cook a dish that fits the setting or storyline; or if the weather is warm and sunny, I will make a meal from a tropical country. You get the idea… Cooking is my way to celebrate and savor the good things all around me.

I started this website back in January of 2010. (My first post was a New Year pomegranate rice pudding.) Since then, I’ve sharpened my skills in the kitchen, and also learned a thing or two about recipe blogging. I just try to get better and better as I go. 🙂

I feel best about dishes that are both festive and healthy, so more often than not, I modify recipes to make them a little healthier. (I have nothing against decadent treats in moderation, though!) I try to cook with the most natural ingredients I can find, preferably organic, seasonal, and local.

A little about me:

I live in Seattle with my husband Rob, otherwise known as my official taste tester! He is also the one who encouraged me to share some of my adventures in the kitchen on this website.

I have a master’s degree in school psychology. But it turned out that while my head was in the classroom, my heart was really in the kitchen. In addition to being a home cook, I also work at a cooking school assisting the chefs and students. I feel as if I’m attending a cooking class every time I go to work—I have learned so much from many amazing chefs.

There is always more to discover in the world of food…, which is very exciting, isn’t it?

So come join me in the kitchen, and we’ll whip up something fun and delicious!