Happy Cinco de Mayo ~ Sparkling Wine “Margarita”

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I was inspired by a recipe on Domaine Chandon’s website for a sparkling margarita, which seemed very fitting for this evening. It replaces the tequila with sparkling wine for a lighter drink. My version of their cocktail also has much less sugar than the classic.

All you need is a lime, sparkling wine, and kosher salt. (I like drinks that are a little tart, but if you would like a little sweeter version, just add some agave nectar to the glass.)

Rim a champagne flute with kosher salt. Cut two very thin slices of organic lime, and squeeze the juice of the lime slices into the champagne glass. Drop one of the squeezed slices into the bottom of the glass along with some crushed ice. (You can omit the ice if your wine is very very cold.) Then pour the sparkling wine to the top of the flute.

This cocktail is reminiscent of a margarita, but the flavor is a little different. It sounds a little odd to have salt and lime and sparkling wine in the same drink, I admit, but I think it’s really refreshing. I would have never believed it until I tried it :). I hope you will give it a go!


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