Raise some dough for a good cause in a virtual online bake sale

A fellow food blogger at The Tomato Tart came up with a cool idea to raise a little “dough” for a good cause through a virtual online bake sale. All of the proceeds will go to Second Harvest Japan, which is an organization that makes sure perfectly good food that can’t be sold through mainstream stores in Japan make it to the people who need it. (Check out this little video from CNN if you’d like to learn more about the organization.) I am one of the many food bloggers participating in the bake sale. I will be submitting one of my all time favorite recipes from this website…Homemade whole-wheat crackers with tomato, oregano and Parmesan. If you are the highest bidder on March 30th, I’ll make you a big batch and send them your way! There will also be a bunch of other goodies to choose from, so come check out the fun :).  Here is a link to a little article about the bake sale at SF Weekly if you’d like to learn more. I hope you can check it out! 🙂

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  1. Linda
    Linda says:

    What a *great* idea ~ and for a really worthwhile cause too! Hope the bake sale raises lots of “dough.”

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