Seafood for Seafair Weekend ~ Halibut with Summer Vegetable Ragout

It’s Seafair weekend in Seattle! Our neighborhood transforms into a big party filled with boats on Lake Washington, the Blue Angels flying overhead, hydroplane races and a wakeboard competition. After taking in some of the festivities during the day, we decided to celebrate Seafair Saturday night in our own back yard, our way :).

I made halibut with a summer vegetable ragout to compliment the sea theme of the weekend. The recipe was based on one I had at a private event at Sur La Table. I replaced the butter with Earth Balance and I added more vegetables to the mix than the original recipe called for. It’s really more of an idea than a recipe, so just add the vegetables and herbs that you like and that are in season.

Halibut with Summer Vegetable Ragout

Serves 2

1 cup leeks, thinly sliced

1 fennel bulb, thinly sliced

2 cups summer squash, diced

1/2 cup peas

2 tablespoons Earth Balance buttery spread

Zest of 1 lemon

1 tablespoon Italian parsley, chopped

1 teaspoon each of fresh thyme and oregano, chopped

Salt and pepper to taste

2 4-oz halibut filets

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

Place a large sauté pan on low heat, and add the Earth Balance. Once melted, add the leeks and fennel, and sweat until almost tender. Then add the peas and the summer squash. Cook until the squash is done to your liking. Off the heat, add the lemon zest and fresh herbs. Blend well. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

In the meantime, place the halibut filets on a tin foil lined baking sheet. Add salt and pepper to taste. Bake for about 10 minutes, or until the halibut flakes with a fork.

We paired our dinner with Wyland Cabernet Sauvignon from Laguna Canyon Winery. It has a beautiful picture of dolphins on the label, which is why I thought it was the perfect choice for this sea inspired meal.


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