Seafair Weekend ~ Once in a Blue Moon Wine Labels

Blue Moon Wine LabelIt is Seafair weekend in Seattle! My hubby and I checked out the festivities this afternoon including the hydroplane boat races and a wakeboard jumping competition. We even got out our little floating inner tubes and went out on the water ourselves. It was a rare and special day! Dare I say a day like this only comes around once in a blue moon? 😉 Appropriate, since tonight’s full moon also happens to be a blue moon! It is the second full moon in the month of July.

I made these cute little wine bottle labels to mark the occasion. 🙂 The design can be found on a website called At Home on the Bay. So cute! I hope you’ll visit the site to check it out.

We enjoyed our favorite clam dish under the bright moon and our tiki torches with the bottle of wine I decorated for the evening. It was a lovely way to end our fun day by the lake!

Cheers!Blue Moon Wine Label

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